Welcome.  This is the journal of Diana Copland, writer of m/m slash romantic fiction. 

Hello, all!!

By way of introduction, a bit of back story.

I began writing at the age of 13, when I shamelessly ripped off elements of Jane Eyre, fused it to Dark Shadows, (complete with brooding anti-hero Quentin Collins; yum) and turned it in as a creative writing assignment.  My English teacher gave me an A, I'm quite sure as a gift to the 'poor child who thinks over-wrought gothic horror equals writing', and I've never looked back.

After banging away on my keyboard for several years in my basement, and being rejected by several publishers, I discovered Fanfiction and was lucky enough to be accepted into a community of the most generous people I've ever met.  They encouraged me to give writing original fiction another try, and I've been fortunate enough to find Dreamspinner Press, publisher of m/m romance.  I;ve been published in the Dreamspinner Press Anthologies twice, First in Sindustry; Volume One with my short story "The Four Seasons", and in  A Brush of Wings with my piece titled "The Archangel of Castro". It has one of the most... interesting characters I think I've ever written! At least, he made me laugh!

After that came Beautiful Forever, also with Dreamspinner Press, and then Grand Jete from Silver Publishing.

And now I'm really proud to announce the publication of A Reason To Believe available from Carina Press on October 22, 2012, and available NOW for pre-order at Amazon.

This has been something of an Incredible Journey. I love writing in general, but have given my creative heart to m/m romance. Not only is it sexy, (and it is; admit it! Or you wouldn't be here! *g*), to me it's very important that, in today's sometimes repressive political climate, we remind people that love, in any form, is the greatest gift there is. Whether it's a man and a woman, or a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, the gender doesn't matter. What matters is the heart, and where it takes us.

So, off my soapbox, and Welcome to my little corner of the universe!! I'll be posting updates, and musings, and occasionally nonsense. Well, probably more than just occasionally; I do love nonsense.

You can also follow me, if you like, at twitter @DianaCopland, or at my web page, www.dianacopland,com.

Diana Copland

Grand Jete


Available at Carina Press October 22, 2012!!!

Guest Blogging Today!

Hey, everyone. Hope those of you who aren't working are enjoying your Veteran's Day Holiday. I'm leaving in a few minutes to take my Veteran Dad out to breakfast, but before I go I wanted to let you know that I'm guest blogging today over at Lasha's M/M Paranormal Reviews. She gave 'A Reason To Believe' and A+, bless her, and then asked if I'd like to write a blog about why I write ghost stories.

Some time ago, I answered a Meme about myself, and mentioned that I believed in ghosts and that it was kind of a long story but if anyone was interested, I'd tell them why. Several people said they'd like to know, so here is the answer.

Why do I write ghost stories?

It talks about several personal experiences my family and I had at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. They literally changed my life, and how I view the possibility that something of us goes on, even after death. One person already commented that they'd never been to Gettysburg but thought they'd go now, and I can only say that if even once person goes to walk the streets and battlefield there, I'll feel like I've accomplished something. There is definitely something other worldly about Gettysburg.

Okay, this made my week!

Remember I told you about the lovely 'Lasha', who has a new blog called Lasha's Paranormal M/M Reviews, and that she's interviewing me this week? Well, today her review for "A Reason To Believe" Posted. Here's an excerpt:

Grade: A+. (A+? Really? *squees like a mad woman!*)

What I loved about this novel was...everything. A Reason to Believe had amazing characters, a creepy murder mystery, hot sex scenes, an interesting ghostly twist and excellent pacing that kept the plot moving along at a steady pace. Here's the link: Lasha's Reviews. She's still doing the giveaway of thirteen titles, including one by Libby Drew. Sign up. Thirteen books! How cool is that?

This is exciting!

'A Reason To Believe' has done really well so far, and I know it's at least in part due to all of the amazing friends I made here at LiveJournal. You guys are so awesome! Anyway, I wanted to tell you all about something exciting that's coming up.

A lovely lady named Lasha, who does reviews for Jessewave and for Dark Diva's, has started her own Web Page called Lasha's Paranormal M/M Reviews, and next week, she's going to interview me! I'm excited, and kinda nervous. She's also doing a huge giveaway for her Grand Opening. Thirteen books! Included is my book, A Reason to Believe, and State of Mind, by Libby Drew!!! She's going to be interviewing Libby coming up, to coincide with the release of her newest book, 40 Souls to Keep, which is available for pre-order now, and which comes out on November 19. Anyway, it's all very cool. Here's a link to her webpage:

Lasha's Paranormal M/M Reviews.

Go enter the drawing to win the books! And I'll let you know the details of the interview; when it's going to post and stuff. Guess this means I have to talk like a writer, huh? *g*

Good Morning!!!

Well, it's been a really exciting week! "A Reason To Believe" officially went on sale on Monday the 22nd, and since then it's been a whirlwind of biting my nails and praying a lot, and watching Amazon and Goodreads and the Carina Home Page. So far, the reception for the book has been very, very exciting, and very positive! (Which always makes an author not only happy, but causes this one, at least, to breathe a huge sigh of relief!

Today is another exciting day! My blog post has gone live at Carina Press! A Reason To Believe Blog Post

Please come by and drop me a note, or just say 'hi'. I'll be answering comments all day, and I'd love to talk to you! Also, Carina Press will be posting tidbits of info about me and the book @CarinaPress and @DianaCopland on Twitter.

Yeah, this is a busy, exciting whirlwind, and being caught up in it is a wonderful, fascinating ride!!!

So, a favor...

I won't ask people for reviews.  I'm thrilled when I get them, and I've gotten some very nice ones at both Amazon and Goodreads for "A Reason to Believe".  I'm always flattered when people read my work, and like it.  But I also understand that some folks just aren't comfortable writing a review of stuff.  I do have a favor of sorts to ask those of you who HAVE read the book: At the Amazon webpage for "A Reason to Believe", right next to 'readers reviews' there is a 'like' button.  If  you have read the book, and you liked it, I would be deeply grateful if you wouldn't mind just clicking on the 'like' button.  What that does is, the more people who like the book, the more often it appears in searches for that type of book.  It could give the work a little more exposure, and that would be AWESOME.  If you aren't comfortable doing that, I understand completely.  But if you are?  Well, that would be... amazing. 

Thanks, everyone!  Your support has been the reason I do this!!

Amazon.com webpage for A Reason to Believe

It has Arrived!!!

Today is the release date for "A Reason To Believe", and I could not be more excited!

There were times when I despaired of this book ever being finished. I wrote the first chapter about four years ago. I knew my main protagonist, Matt, I knew sweet Abby, who is a ghost from the first page, and I had a dim, somewhere in the back of my mind understanding of who I wanted Matt's love interest to be; a medium, who is someone who can bring Matt back from the dark place he was living after the death of his lover. But I certainly never expected Kiernan Fitzpatrick, and I certainly didn't think the book would take me so long to get right!

Matt's counterpart went through many incarnations. He started out darker, someone who had been bruised by love and who had lingering issues due to an abusive home life. It was my daughter who, on reading a rough draft, said to me; Mom, they're both so depressing! And I thought; you know what? She's right. In order for Matt to be attracted to someone enough to be stirred from his own ennui, he had to be brimming with life and joy. He had to be charming, and quirky, and have a startling sense of humor. From there, Kiernan Fitzpatrick was born; a man who has been tested by life but who has risen above his challenges to find joy in almost everything. Writing Kiernan was a journey of discovery for me. I found my own humor in the midst of some trying situations because he had managed to find his.

People who think writer's live a somewhat surreal existence aren't wrong. Our characters populate our thoughts. When you see a writer looking off into the distance with a preoccupied look on their face? It's because their characters are either having a conversation, doing something far more interesting that what is going on around the writer, or they're telling the writer off for getting something so wrong! I don't think of myself as their creator: I'm pretty sure I'm just the narrator, and they are living out their lives somewhere, blissfully happy. At least, that's how I like to see it!

"A Reason To Believe" was a labor of love from the very beginning. I love Matt and Kiernan, and helping them to find their 'happily ever after' has been pure joy. And here's the best part: they aren't done, yet!!! I'm thrilled to announce that I'm beginning work on a sequel in November, and I can't wait to see where it takes me!!